The ResMed S9 Elite Package includes:

  • NEW ResMed S9 Elite
  • FREE Mask
  • FREE Humidifier
  • FREE Filters
  • FREE Cleaning Wipes
  • 5 yrs FREE Service 
  • FREE Carry bag
  • FREE Manual


Key Features

The S9 Elite™ is ResMed's premium CPAP device is designed to help patients comfortably adjust to therapy in order to encourage long-term compliance.

Featuring a sleek design, user-friendly interface and advanced technologies, the S9 Elite helps your patients stay compliant with their sleep apnea therapy. The S9 Elite’s data can be downloaded (via the device or with an SD card) and features CSA detection, offering you more advanced insights into your patients’ compliance and therapy.

$1 848.00
Our Price: 
$1 395.00